1000 Hours of Free multi-lingual Patent/ Literature Information support to COVID researchers
Sagacious IP COVID Research Assistance Program

The role of Science in preserving and protecting human life has never been more paramount. That is why, we at Sagacious IP are donating 1,000 hours of expert research and consulting support (in the form of Patent and Non-Patent Literature studies) to the members of the global science and research community tackling the COVID-19 challenge ahead of humanity.

The program worth US $65,000 will provide free multi-lingual Patent/ Literature Information support to Coronavirus researcher across the globeAny patent landscapes/ patentability / FTOs/ patent drafting etc related to COVID19 inventions (PPEs, prevention, detection, cure, testing, convenience during lock down, etc) will be done for FREE.

Over the past two months, Sagacious IP's COVID19 research assistance program (https://lnkd.in/gXHf8cW) has been used by researchers globally including

🤝 Largest pharma/ medical devices companies

🤝 Universities like MIT, and

🤝 Startups/ inventors.

The support requested by various beneficiaries of this assistance program spanned across various topics like

👉 Personal protective equipments (e.g, an organization asked us to benchmark all N95 masks manufacturing processes so they can choose the most optimum one to produce and supply to under-privileged),

👉 COVID19 Quick Diagnostics/ Testing

👉 COVID19 Cures/ Vaccines

👉 Tracking those infected, etc

The program has been recognized by many entities including UK government and now by US government (US Chamber of Commerce Foundation).


Seattle, WA
United States

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